breaking plates造句


  1. "This reminds us of Sevres'famous tradition of breaking plates that are not absolutely perfect,"
  2. Melvin had a World War II cast iron steel Bell and Howell camera that could take the shock of breaking plate glass windows.
  3. The purpose of this procession is similar to the current practise of breaking plates during the wedding reception, in order to dispel bad luck.
  4. Indonesian security forces inside became incensed, breaking plates, pushing furniture and yelling, and when the marines emerged from the building an Indonesian officer shouted after them, " Don't repeat that again !"
  5. "He would work all times into the night and all hours in the morning, hammering, breaking glass, breaking plates, " said Hahn, whose father, Kenneth, was a city councilman at the time.
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  7. Though angry people have been breaking plates in private since time immemorial, the pay-per-trash " relief room " in Yamanakako, a lakeside vacation town at the foot of Mount Fuji, has become a national sensation, featured in women's magazines and on network television.


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