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  1. Not waterproof , dampproof , and high broken rate
  2. Water tolerant waterproof and low broken rate
  3. As the having printed & heat sealed package bag that the bag have a complete pattern , a good quality sealing and very low bag broken rate
  4. The machine is characterized with high hulling rate , low rice broken rate , energy saving and low noise , and ideal for providing unpolished rice to the urban dwellers
  5. The conveying parameters were relatively optimized by adjusting the throat area of adjustable laval nozzle and pressure parameters , so that the foodstuff particle breaking rate during pneumatic conveying was decreased at certain extent
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  7. The results showed that the quality of forming and dispersing of rice noodles were improved obviously along with prolonging the storage time ; the value of dissolving starch and the acidity degree were tended to raise ; the moisture content tended to lower ; the breaking rate was zero when the storage time of rice was 9 months ; its sensory quality became had when the storage time over 21 months ; the total evaluation on all the quality indexes of rice noodle indicated that the rice noodle could get the best quality when the storage time of rice was 9 to 11 months
    结果表明:随着稻谷储藏期的延长,米粉加工的成型及散粉质量可以得到明显改善;米粉吐浆值及酸度呈现增加趋势;成品含水量呈现下降趋势;用储藏期为9个月的稻谷加工的米粉断条率为零;当储藏期超过21个月时,感官品质开始下降;综合考虑米粉各品质指标,确定储藏期为9 ~ 11个月的稻谷较适宜加工高品质的米粉。
  8. The gfb105 - cd type is our company product which is tested repeatedly and improved on the basis of original gf type separating machine , it is a kind of model that is specially used for separating the blood , this type machine is used to separate blood plasma from blood cell in many kinds of blood , such as human beings , the beasts and birds , etc . the main characteristic of this machine is that the plasma - earning ratio is high , and it is lowest to drop the broken rate of the blood cell in the course of separating
    Gq xx - z中药澄清型管式分离机是管式分离机系列中的一种。它是专为中药制品行业设计的一种机型。由于中药中含有皂蛋白多糖等成份难以分离,或是在液体分离后仍有絮状物沉淀存在,中药型管式分离机可以从根本上解决此问题,且不流失药物中的有效成份。
  9. The crusher of our company will fix toothed segment , is bevel , campaign toothed segment is regular surface , when crusher works , campaign toothed segment does not produce , promote the force of stone material upward , so when solving conventional crusher work the problem that falls out on stone material , therefore the crusher of our production of company has the stone material broken rate that is strong character of service high , stone material breakage is even , machinery has continuously , avoids since stone falls out on material , and additional manpower labor raises daily out put , ensure safety first a series of characteristic


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