breaking records造句


  1. I think breaking records are good for sports and the game.
  2. The market has been breaking records on almost a daily basis.
  3. Setting records and breaking records is a vital part of sports.
  4. He was not just breaking records but educating and breaking movements.
  5. Airoso said of the Matadors'penchant for breaking records.
  6. It's difficult to find breaking records in a sentence. 用breaking records造句挺难的
  7. When he started breaking records, they were family records.
  8. "It's breaking records left, right and center.
  9. "You don't plan on breaking records like this.
  10. A lot of guys are setting records, breaking records.
  11. We are known for breaking records, one way or the other,
  12. "I'm not interested in breaking records ."
  13. His books on Islam are breaking records with sales in the millions.
  14. "We're breaking records we don't like.
  15. Even in the offseason, Barry Bonds keeps breaking records.
  16. Janica has been breaking records since she was a toddler.
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