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  1. Ignition was through a copper lined vent at the breech end of the gun.
  2. Additional support is provided to the breech end of the gun barrel by the finned cooling jacket.
  3. The A tube was closed at the breech end by a wrought iron cup screwed into it.
  4. Early hand cannons used a simple stick fitted into a socket in the breech end to provide a handle.
  5. Casimir Lefaucheux of Paris decided in 1832 to patent a breechloader where the barrel hinged downwards to reveal the breech ends.
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  7. Then, the breech end of the hot barrel swings out and can be removed by elevating or twisting the gun.
  8. To the breech end is fitted a base cap, within which is secured a firing pin protruding into the barrel.
  9. As the gun was balanced for ease of movement by the gunner, much of the breech end was behind the trunnions.
  10. The magazine holds the top round directly behind the barrel's breech end so only a slight feed ramp is needed.
  11. The breech end was further modified by being machined out so that it could accommodate a gas check seat liner locking ring.
  12. The receiver was capped at the breech end, and had a fixed firing pin placed to strike the primer of the shell.
  13. Other modifications of boga are introduced such as firing round projectiles which can be used as a weapon and pet bottles as breech end.
  14. The base cap of the tube is hollowed and threaded to screw onto the breech end of the tube which it thereby seals against gas leakage.
  15. Mod 2, for Mark 6, 7, and 9 gun mounts, was similar but with cut off the breech end of the gun.
  16. It fires from a " closed bolt " position meaning that when it fires the bolt is secured into the breech end of the barrel with a paintball loaded.
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