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  1. These were replaced in 1895 by more powerful 6-inch rifled breech loaders.
  2. It was built in the 1890s for 9.2-inch breech loader guns.
  3. There is a redirect from breech-loading rifle to rifled breech loader.
  4. Following the Second Period, eleven Armstrong 64-pounder Rifled Breech Loaders were installed on traversing carriages.
  5. The breech loaders appeared Mid 19th Century.
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  7. The most successful weapons using rifling with black powder were breech loaders such as the Queen Anne pistol.
  8. Breech loaders such as the Sharps Carbine were even faster to load than muzzle loaders with Minie balls.
  9. Of the in the pre-war defences, only modern long-range pieces, the rest being old-fashioned breech loaders on fixed carriages.
  10. "John Ericsson " was rearmed in 1881 with two M / 76 rifled breech loaders, derived from a French design.
  11. "S鰈ve " was equipped with one M / 69 rifled breech loader, mounted in a long, fixed, oval-shaped gun turret.
  12. In another blow, the British had stopped selling breech loaders to Ture in accordance with the Brussels Convention of 1890.
  13. However, four years later, by 1863, the guns had been switched out for two rifled breech loaders and seven 32-pounders.
  14. They could be finished as muzzle loaders or breech loaders, however they were all ordered to be finished as muzzle loaders.
  15. She was armed with a battery of ninety-two guns, consisting of sixteen 60-pounder guns, seventy-four 30-pounder smoothbores, and two 24-pounder breech loaders.
  16. This, and the Franco-Prussian war of 1870 71, eventually caused much interest in Europe for breech loaders and the Prussian military system in general.
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