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  1. The first was invented by Model 1819 Hall Breech Loading Rifle.
  2. Urabi's forces possessed 60 pieces of artillery and breech loading rifles.
  3. In the late 1860s, rifled muskets were replaced by breech loading rifles.
  4. The fort was initially armed with breech loading guns.
  5. Since that time, a few mortars have become rifled and adopted breech loading.
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  7. This is called " BL " or " breech loading " by some nations.
  8. Breech loading allows the grenadier to load a shell while keeping the sight on target.
  9. During the war, Appleby invented and patented a manual magazine feed breech loading needle gun.
  10. Breech loading rifles, on the other hand, could be loaded while mounted on horseback.
  11. Alfred soon began producing breech loading howitzers, one of which he gifted to the Prussian court.
  12. Nock continued to innovate until his death  late in life he was making breech loading muskets.
  13. Large breech loading guns continued into the 1880s, using wooden staffs worked by several sailors as ramrods.
  14. During the U . S . Civil War, Joseph Rider experimented with several breech loading weapon designs.
  15. The heaviest field gun in use at that time was the 64 pdr Armstrong breech loading siege gun weighing.
  16. The cylinder was held down to a base where the gunpowder sat, making it a breech loading design.
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