breech lock造句

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  1. He noticed that the breech blocks of naval guns with delayed-blowback breech lock.
  2. Once the ships were interned, their breech locks were removed, which disabled their guns.
  3. The breech-lock was achieved by a propping system similar to the breech lock system used in the Glisenti Model 1910.
  4. Autoclaves over four feet in diameter or those rated at higher pressures generally use the rotating locking ring door, also called a breech lock door.
  5. Serbian type ( L / 26 ) and Bulgarian ( L / 28 ) were slightly different in respect of the breech lock while in other aspects they were identical.
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  7. The original Penta came with a'universal'M42 screw type mount, while most subsequent models in the Penta, Flex and FT lines used the proprietary Petri breech lock bayonet.
  8. The A407 100mm anti-tank gun was the first artillery piece designed in Romania after World War II . The first variant of the gun, the M1975 ( M stands for Model ) had a semi-automatic horizontal sliding wedge type breech lock.


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