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  1. Black - winged stilt breeding area
  2. Prevention and treatment : spray in space ; eliminate pests in breeding area ; larva prevention and treatment
  3. Less visible breeding areas hold nest sites for black crowned and yellow crowned night herons , great blue heron , great and snowy egret , glossy ibis and barn owl
  4. Each year , some 243 of the 404 species of waterbirds in the asia pacific region migrate between their breeding areas as far north as siberia and alaska , and their non - breeding areas as far south as australia and new zealand
  5. On the basis of these research results , some conservation and management advices of gre at bustard were put forward : ( 1 ) the breeding areas of northwest of songliao plain and southwest of hulunbeier plateau should be looked as one conservation unit to conserve
    根据上述结果,本文建议: ( 1 )应将松辽平原西北部繁殖地与呼伦贝尔高原西南部繁殖地作为一个保护单元进行保护。
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  7. ( 4 ) one of the mtdna haplotypes in the population of shandong yellow river nature reserve was shared with populations of the two breeding areas , and the other was endemic , it implied that this wintering population possibly was composed by different populations including these two breeding populations , and its genetic diversity was higher than the population of breeding area
    ( 4 )山东黄河三角洲种群的2个单元型中, 1个与两个繁殖地的相同,另一个为该种群所特有,这提示这个越冬种群,是由包含上述两个繁殖地在内的多个不同的种群组成的,可能拥有比繁殖地要高的遗传多样性水平。
  8. On the basis of the discussion of the ecological rehabilitation on subsidence land of coal extraction , the land structures of nourishment , plane and perpendicularity on subsidence area of coal extraction are differently designed . on nutritive structure green crops are mainly common crops , green vegetables , green forage crops and acquatic creatures . on plane structure the center of the subsidence land of coal extraction can be used as fish culture in net cage , the periphery can be established as fish pool and economic crops in water , and the outmost layer can be used as high - yield field , vegetable shed , domestic animal breeding area and fruit - bearing forest . on vertical structure the deepwater area can be established as fish pool and economic crops in water , and the uppermost layer can be developed as acquatic and semi - acquatic crops or dry farming crops
  9. The 301 - 330bp hypervariable ii - control - region sequence in mitochondrial ( mt ) dna genome from 18 individuals of one subspecies of great bustard ( o . t . dybowskii ) from breeding areas of northwest of songliao plain , southwest of hulunbeier plateau and wintering area of shandong yellow river nature reserve in china were sequenced and population analysis was conducted to assess the level of genetic diversity
    本文采集了中国境内松辽平原西北部繁殖地、呼伦贝尔高原西南部繁殖地及山东黄河三角洲自然保护区等地区大鸨东方亚种( o . tdybowskii ) 18个个体,对线粒体dna控制区高变区的部分序列进行了测定和群体分析,以评价当前中国境内的东方亚种的遗传多样性水平。


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