breeding range造句

"breeding range"是什么意思   


  1. This species has an occurrence range of, and a breeding range of.
  2. The summer breeding range stretches across North America from coast to coast.
  3. The breeding ranges and seasons of the two species do not overlap.
  4. Migrating birds'arrival at and departure from the breeding range is highly irregular.
  5. They erupt out of the breeding range when the cone crop fails.
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  7. Most have returned to the northern breeding range by mid-March to mid-April.
  8. The breeding range of the Mascarene martin is restricted to three islands.
  9. Birds winter in Europe and Asia south of the breeding range.
  10. The southern edge of their breeding range coincides largely with the clutch size.
  11. They are essentially gone from their breeding range by the end of September.
  12. Vega gulls in the north-western part of their breeding range are paler above.
  13. It does not typically migrate out of its breeding range in the winter.
  14. Its breeding range stretches from Iceland through Europe and areas of central Asia.
  15. They have an occurrence range of and a breeding range of.
  16. The Mascarene martin's breeding range is restricted to Madagascar and the Mascarene Islands.
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