breeding ratio造句

"breeding ratio"是什么意思   


  1. The breeding ratio that should be kept is 2 males per female.
  2. The Soviet BR-1 test reactor achieved a breeding ratio of 2.5 under non-commercial conditions.
  3. The higher the energy the neutrons have, the higher the breeding ratio or the more uranium that is changed into plutonium.
  4. The liquid blanket provides neutron moderation and shielding, heat removal, and a tritium breeding ratio e " 1.1.
  5. After starting the reactor with existing U-233 or some other fissile material such as breeding ratio which is low compared to fast reactors.
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  7. Predictions based on computer modelling suggests that the breeding ratios are quite small and a fusion plant would barely be able to cover its own use.
  8. Ph閚ix demonstrated a breeding ratio of 1.16, meaning it produced 16 % more fuel than it consumed, while also producing 233 MWe in normal operation.
  9. Such a design also has the quality that it generates more fuel than it consumes, as long as the " breeding ratio " is greater than 1.
  10. The design has a breeding ratio of 1.2 to 1.3 1.35 for mixed uranium-plutonium oxide fuel and 1.45 for nitride fuel.
  11. The ratio of new fissile material in spent fuel to fissile material consumed from the fresh fuel is known as the " conversion ratio " or " breeding ratio " of a reactor.
  12. An obvious explanation is resonance gamma rays increasing the fission and breeding ratio versus causing more capture of uranium etc . over isotope 235m U, which offers a half time of about 26 min.
  13. Theoretical models of breeders with liquid sodium coolant flowing through tubes inside fuel elements ( " tube-in-shell " construction ) suggest breeding ratios of at least 1.8 are possible on an industrial scale.
  14. A SCWR Design under development is the VVER-1700 / 393 ( VVER-SCWR or VVER-SKD )  a Russian Supercritical-water-cooled reactor with double-inlet-core and a breeding ratio of 0.95.
  15. In the past breeder reactor development focused on reactors with low breeding ratios, from 1.01 for the Shippingport Reactor running on thorium fuel and cooled by conventional light water to over 1.2 for the Soviet BN-350 liquid-metal-cooled reactor.
  16. Breeder reactors incorporating such technology would most likely be designed with breeding ratios very close to 1.00, so that after an initial loading of enriched uranium and / or plutonium fuel, the reactor would then be refueled only with small deliveries of natural uranium metal.


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