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  1. They held the Championship until December 1 of that year, when they lost to Al Madril and Brian Adias.
  2. WCCW tried to give Mike a feud of his own against Brian Adias in October 1986, since Kerry was out of wrestling with an ankle injury.
  3. Headlining for Mantell's group were such former World Class stars as The Missing Link, Buddy Roberts, Brian Adias, Jack Victory, Tatum and Parsons.
  4. Kerry Von Erich also returned to World Class, wrestling with a prosthetic foot, and during a November card at the Sportatorium, he interfered in a match between his brother Kevin and Brian Adias.
  5. Instead, Brian Adias and King Parsons took Kevin and Kerry's places, and the trio of Adams, Parsons and Adias defeated Kamala, Link and Garvin in an emotional match for all involved.
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  7. Among the main participants on the Israel tour included Kevin and Mike Von Erich, Chris Adams, Gino Hernandez, Iceman King Parsons, Freebird Buddy Roberts, Scott Casey, Brian Adias, Rip Oliver, Kelly Kiniski and Johnny Mantell.
  8. Gary Hart, who left World Class in early-1983 due to a dispute with Fritz Von Erich over the booking of the Freebirds-Von Erich feud, returned to World Class in August to scout the babyface talent, including Adams, Iceman King Parsons, Brian Adias and others.
  9. Adams also engaged in a brief feud with Brian Adias, mostly out of the rights to use the ring entrance music " Bad to the Bone ", which Adias used, much to the objection of Adams, who was best known for this ring entrance music with Gino Hernandez.
  10. Madril was involved in a rather high-profile feud with the Von Erich family in late 1986 and much of 1987, when he formed a tag team sometimes referred to as the " Duo of Doom " with Brian Adias, who turned heel after accusing the Von Erichs of holding him back and preventing him from succeeding on his own merits.
  11. Longtime World Class mainstays Chris Adams, King Parsons, Kevin's brother Chris Von Erich, Percy Pringle, John Tatum, David Sheldon, Steve Austin, Jeanie Clarke and Toni Adams remained, while wrestlers associated with the Memphis end of the USWA left . Steve Simpson and Brian Adias also returned to the promotion, with a few appearances by former WCCW referee David Manning.
  12. In an attempt to keep World Class hot, by means of running long-term angles, Brian Adias, who was billed as the childhood friend of the Von Erichs ( which is legitimate, since Brian grew up with the Adkissons in Denton and also went to high school with Kerry ), began a storyline with them by turning heel against Mike Von Erich during a match, then eventually began feuding with Kevin Von Erich later on.


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