brian ah yat造句


  1. Marcus Brady is a lot like Brian Ah Yat,
  2. Key losses : QB Brian Ah Yat; OL Scott Curry; OL Randy Allik.
  3. Montana's Brian Ah Yat has been that _ and much more _ since 1996.
  4. The touchdown came on a 14-yard pass play from Brian Ah Yat to Mike Eberhadt.
  5. Led by quarterback Brian Ah Yat, who completed his first 11 passes, Montana went 70 yards to tie the game.
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  7. Texas Tech cornerback Darwin Brown intercepted Montana quarterback Brian Ah Yat on the next series, giving the South the ball on the North 23.
  8. After an incomplete pass UM quarterback Brian Ah Yat finds receiver Justin Olsen for a completion of 46 yards to the MSU 19 with eight seconds to play.
  9. Both teams are fighting to keep their playoff hopes alive in large part because quarterbacks Aaron Flowers of Northridge and Montana's Brian Ah Yat have been injured.
  10. Quarterback Brian Ah Yat, second in Division I-AA in total offense, didn't dress for the game despite being labeled as probable throughout the week.
  11. Without doubt, part of the reason Montana scored just one touchdown was the unexpected absence of All-American quarterback Brian Ah Yat, who had a bruised back.
  12. Amerson received eight out of a possible 16 first-place votes and 66 points to beat out Montana quarterback Brian Ah Yat, who picked up three first-place votes and 47 points.
  13. Two of the top quarterbacks in Division I-AA, Travis Brown of NAU and Montana's Brian Ah Yat, could put on quite an aerial show _ if Ah Yat is available.
  14. Three plays later, Montana held a 7-0 lead when quarterback Brian Ah Yat, who had 275 yards passing and three TD passes, threw a 4-yard touchdown pass to Jeff Paffhausen just 26 seconds into the game.
  15. Leading 21 20 and ahead for most of the second half, the Bobcats fall when Dallas Neil takes a pass from Brian Ah Yat and tightropes down the sideline for an 18-yard touchdown with just over five minutes to play.
  16. The situation involving Salanoa is similar to last year's hidden-injury fiasco against Montana, when the Grizzles chose not to report a back injury to All-American quarterback Brian Ah Yat, who didn't suit up in CSUN's 21-7 win.
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