brian ahern造句


  1. Ahern formed his own band named " Brian Ahern and The Offbeats ".
  2. The song reached # 7 on the Brian Ahern.
  3. The song reached # 6 on the Brian Ahern.
  4. The song reached # 1 on the Brian Ahern.
  5. The single was reviewed favorably by " Brian Ahern, produced the track.
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  7. It won the Best Produced MOR Album for Brian Ahern who also arranged the album.
  8. Brian Ahern, Flynn's executive assistant in Rome, said the report was incorrect.
  9. It was her last album produced by Brian Ahern until " All I Intended to Be " in 2008.
  10. The album was produced by Brian Ahern, who controversially introduced digital elements into the songs to the disapproval of some listeners.
  11. The show's musical director, Brian Ahern, advised Murray that she should move to Toronto and record a solo album.
  12. "' Brian Ahern "', born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a Canadian record producer and guitarist.
  13. The fishermen used " a pocket knife to cut the driver out of his seat belt, " said witness Brian Ahern.
  14. That led to a deal with Warner Bros . Records and two albums produced by Harris'husband / producer Brian Ahern : " Rockin'Chair " and " Sailboat ".
  15. The series was produced by Manny Pittson in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and was co-hosted by music producer Bill Langstroth and singer Jim Bennet . ( Langstroth was Anne Murray's Brian Ahern as the music director.
  16. In 2007, he composed and recorded a double CD album entitled " Psalngs " with the help of the legendary record producer Brian Ahern, whose previous credits include producing records by Emmylou Harris, Marty Robbins, George Jones and Ricky Skaggs.
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