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  1. In 1985, the Keats Foundation established an Ezra Jack Keats lectureship, with Barbara Cooney as the artist honoree and Brian Alderson as the first Keats lecturer.
  2. Writers commissioned included Robert Coles, Morton N . Cohen, Nancy Willard, Elizabeth Sewell, X . J . Kennedy, Terese Svoboda, Peter Neumeyer, and Brian Alderson.
  3. Brian Alderson ( writer ), founder of the Children's Books History Society and former Children's Book Editor for " The Times ", writes a " Classics in Short " section in the magazine's back pages.
  4. Brian Alderson ( children's book critic ) notes that its sales were " nearly ten times as many as those of " Alice in Wonderland " . " The book gave rise to a genre of stories about homeless children " that successfully combined elements of the sensational novel and the religious tract and helped introduce the image of the poor, urban child into the Victorian social conscious . " A sequel, " Jessica's Mother ", was published in " Sunday at Home " in 1866 and as a book in 1904.
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