brian aldridge造句


  1. He is gamekeeper for Borchester Land; his boss is Brian Aldridge.
  2. In 1976 she married Canadian-English actor Brian Aldridge.
  3. It collapsed completely after Tim discovered Siobhan's affair with Brian Aldridge.
  4. She then divorced him and married Brian Aldridge.
  5. Long-time members Brian Aldridge and Dan Russell retired at the end of 2015.
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  7. She is married to Brian Aldridge.
  8. National umpiring manager Brian Aldridge, who instigated the move, said Monday the aim was to assist umpires.
  9. An attractive woman, she distinguished herself by successfully resisting the advances of erstwhile village Lothario, Brian Aldridge.
  10. West Indies'Steve Bucknor and England's Brian Aldridge and Australia's Steve Randell were chosen for the second.
  11. "' R鷄iri Donovan "'( born 14 November 2002 ) is the son of Brian Aldridge and Siobh醤 Hathaway.
  12. Tom was forced to throw in his lot with Brian Aldridge, husband of his aunt Jennifer, becoming a junior partner in the business.
  13. His brother-in-law Brian Aldridge enjoys winding him up over farming matters, and dinner parties involving the two couples usually end in tears.
  14. In May 2013, the BBC radio soap opera " The Archers " featured a storyline in which regular character Brian Aldridge was aggrieved by a local newspaper article that compared him to the Mekon.
  15. He took over his elder brother's pig herd after John was killed in a tractor accident, going on to produce genetically modified crops on Brian Aldridge's land, but neither was convicted.
  16. In the famous encounter at Sydney Cricket Ground on Feb . 26 1992, New Zealand umpire Brian Aldridge turned down the appeal for a catch behind off the very first ball of the innings in the day / night encounter.
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