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  1. Discussion on the compression stress of the huge u - shaped bridge abutment and design suggestions
  2. Analysis of deformation on soft subsoil around bridge abutment considering soil creep property
  3. Bridge abutment cone
  4. Application of cement mixed pile on reinforcement of some highway bridge abutment groundsill
  5. The most of highway in our country have this matter because of differential settlement . the way in common use is set up a section between bridge abutment and embankment
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  7. Directed against the jump disease at bridge abutment in the high - grade highway , for the first time , the paper puts forward the treatment method of the flexible approach slab , which is consisted of geocell
  8. Combined with the engineering practice , the author puts forward the synthetical prevention and cure technique , construction technology and controlling quality measurement , and discusses preventing and curing the jump disease in the bridge abutment of the highway
  9. This paper summarizes the cause of jump at bridge abutment and damage degree , and researches the jump mechanism in the segment having bridge abutment slab and not having bridge abutment slab , and puts forward the trajectory equation when the vehicles jump
  10. This article introduces the silt geology platform afterwards uses the powder spurts and the plastics drain off water the board and grille and back pressure protects etc design and the construction control of measure , the construction has the guidance meaning to the construction of the bridge abutment soft base
  11. The evolution , state of the art and the developing trend of the lateral seismic inertia force calculation for retaining wall and / or bridge abutment and the calculation of the seismic cohesive backfill soil pressure are reviewed . the approaches of seismic analysis of retaining walls and bridge abutments in the current highway codes of china are studied in detail and the shortcomings in the analysis procedure and the necessity of further improvements to them are pointed out
  12. On basis of a review of the recent achievements , the distribution of the lateral seismic inertia force along the height of retaining wall and / or bridge abutment , and the calculation of the seismic soil pressure of cohesive backfill are treated with in this paper , for the revision of chinese earthquake resistant design code for highway construction , and a suggestion to combine sei smic design of retaining wall and of bridge abutment together into one chapter from the past in two chapters in the previous version is also worked out
    结合规范jtj004 ? 89的修编,本文在总结已有研究成果的基础上,主要研究了挡土墙和桥台地震惯性力沿高度分布的规律,粘性填土的地震土压力计算和计算公式的简化,以及在公路工程抗震设计规范中将挡土墙和桥台的抗震设计归入一章的问题,具体包括如下5项工作。
  13. Total 18 simulated acceleration time histories for intensity 6 , 7 , 8 and 9 are adopted as inputs , 6 typical retaining walls heights and 2 bridge abutments with difference are selected as the structural models of soil - structure system , the seismic responses of the system and the horizontal variation of the maximum response accelerations at different height levels are analyzed by means of a wave propagation finite element program
    选用针对地震烈度6 、 7 、 8 、 9合成的总共18条地震动时程,选取具有代表性的6个不同高度的挡土墙以及2个不同高度的桥台模型,利用波动有限元法既有程序分析地震反应,研究水平地震加速度沿高度的分布规律。
  14. And they are still difficult harness problems at present . the new concept of the fill embankment of special structure is put forward in this thesis , and it means two kinds of transitional sections of expressway - the transitional section between the fill embankment behind bridge abutment and a bridge , and the transitional section between the slope after excavation and the fill embankment along one side of it
  15. The results indicate that this method can minish settlement largely , decrease level thrusts on bridge abutment , make the settlements transition , improve the bearing capacity of foundation soil and its economic benefits are notable . the results of field test show that low intensity piles can put into widely use in soft foundation of express way
  16. Abstract : through the theoretical liquid dynamics complex study to the bridge pier and abutment circling flow , this paper related with bridge abutment maximum clear water equilibrium scouring experiment ? s analyses has made out the bridge abutment ? s velocity circulation , maximum flow capacity per unit width , and the maximum part scouring depth counting method
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