bridge abutments造句


  1. Sometimes I want to drive my car into a bridge abutment.
  2. A new island was created from the Broad Street Bridge abutment.
  3. The system limit is at Lernacken, near the bridge abutment.
  4. They had been cut by the Texas Central Railroad for bridge abutments.
  5. Staircases in each bridge abutment allow access to the walkway.
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  7. Geofoam was also used in embankments and bridge abutments for base stability.
  8. The bridge abutments consist of local fieldstone arranged in dry laid courses.
  9. The piers and bridge abutments are made of local limestone.
  10. Bridge abutments can also be seen where the railroad crossed Interstate 495.
  11. The bridge abutments are believed to stand on foundations dating to 1789.
  12. The bridge was a total loss, leaving only the concrete bridge abutments.
  13. Double width bridge abutments can be found in Arlington.
  14. The railway fencing and gate survives however the bridge abutments have been removed.
  15. The remains of one bridge abutment were visible adjacent to a footpath at.
  16. There the framework was reassembled on the bridge abutments.
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