bridge alliance造句


  1. FreeMove has been co-operating with the Bridge Alliance since 2007.
  2. He was also a Board Director with Bridge Alliance.
  3. *Bridge Alliance launched one-flat rate, daily unlimited data roaming plan across all Bridge Alliance member countries
  4. *Bridge Alliance launched one-flat rate, daily unlimited data roaming plan across all Bridge Alliance member countries
  5. It was the winner of a July 2001 National Steel Bridge Alliance ( NSBA ) " prize bridge " Award.
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  7. On November 15, 2005, the company signed an international pact with Bridge Alliance to jointly deliver various international services.
  8. The concept is similar to that of the FreeMove alliance in Europe, with whom the Bridge Alliance has a partnership.
  9. On June 24, 2013, Telkomcel joined the Bridge Alliance, an Asian-Australian-African alliance of mobile operators.
  10. Clifford Hollow Bridge was awarded winning long-span steel bridge in the 2005 National Steel Bridge Alliance ( NSBA ) Prize Bridge Award Competition.
  11. :I don't think it's possible to establish contextual significance for all the company logos in the article about Bridge Alliance.
  12. In November 2004, Globe and seven other leading Asia-Pacific mobile operators (  JV Partners ) signed an agreement (  JV agreement ) to form Bridge Alliance.
  13. If at all, we can use individual logos in the articles dealing with the respective company but in this case only the Bridge Alliance logo itself would be of any significance to the article.
  14. The institute is affiliated with the following networks and associations : Bridge Alliance, California Consortium on Public Engagement, National Civility Network, National Conference on Citizenship, and the University Network for Collaborative Government.
  15. The Bridge Alliance currently has a combined customer base of over 250 million subscribers among its partners in India, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Macau, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan and Indonesia.
  16. In addition, Das served the Boards of Sri Lanka Telecom PLC and Mobitel ( Sri Lanka ) and was also a board member of Bridge Mobile Pte Ltd ( Bridge Alliance ), a strategic alliance of regional telecommunications provider.
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