bridge and tunnel造句

"bridge and tunnel"是什么意思   


  1. in big cities skyscrapers, bridges and tunnels were built
  2. bridge and tunnel engineering
  3. securitization of government future revenue receivable from tolls bridges and tunnels
  4. persons who prefer to drive can reach us via all major bridges and tunnels
  5. research report on operation of toll roads, bridges and tunnels in selected places
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  7. the new york port authority said it had closed all bridges and tunnels into the city
  8. he was the engineer of a railroad in the mountains with many bridges and tunnels
  9. disposal of government assets-securitization of government future revenue receivable from tolls bridges and tunnels
  10. i just saw the news, said the worst snowstorm in the last twenty years, already closed all the bridges and tunnels
  11. the research shows that the conductive coat has definite application for monitoring tiny crack in bridges and tunnels
  12. the traditional infrastructure portfolio includes energy, toll roads, water and sewage treatment projects, bridges and tunnel
  13. the stone falling disease in chengkun railway and its renovation measure by both bridge and tunnel specialties are recommended
  14. the total length of road, the length of good quality highway, number of the bridges and tunnels are all increased and increasing remarkably
  15. sichuan jiaoda civil engineering consultancy co ., ltd is mainly engaged in examination of construction design documentation for road, bridge and tunnel projects, preparation of project feasibility study report, engineering consultancy and stress calculation and analysis for various large structures
  16. on 17 december 2003, the secretary for financial services and the treasury gave notice that he would, at the council meeting on 14 january 2004, move a resolution under section 3 of the loans ordinance cap . 61 to seek the legco s approval to authorize the government to raise up to 6 billion through securitizing its revenue from tolls on bridges and tunnels for the purpose of the capital works reserve fund established by resolution passed under section 29 of the public finance ordinance cap . 2
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