1. Upon arrival at BridgeClimb Sydney, I received a little reassurance.
  2. BridgeClimb itself made an estimated $ 10 million profit in 2002.
  3. _Bridge Climb _ www . bridgeclimb . com.
  4. Check the Web at www . bridgeclimb . com.
  5. In October 2009, BridgeClimb Sydney opened the Sydney Harbour Bridge Visitor Centre.
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  7. The Pylon Lookout is also managed by BridgeClimb Sydney.
  8. But when the BridgeClimb staff started to drag out the equipment, I became anxious again.
  9. In December 2006, BridgeClimb launched an alternative to climbing the upper arches of the bridge.
  10. BridgeClimb Sydney is the company that provides climb experiences to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  11. In 2007, BridgeClimb was awarded best  Major Tourist Attraction at the Qantas Australian Tourism Awards.
  12. My wife and I undertook the climb last October, just a few days after BridgeClimb's second anniversary.
  13. This attraction is more than twice as high as the popular BridgeClimb walk to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  14. My three-hour quest began with a safety orientation at BridgeClimb's headquarters near the foot of the bridge.
  15. In those days before public access via the commercial BridgeClimb operation this image was as fantastic notionally as it was visually.
  16. He is also an investor with 40 % of BridgeClimb, the business that operates walking tours over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
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