1. 1614-Swedish army under La Gardie defeats Russian forces at Bronnitsy.
  2. Bronnitsy is listed among the twenty-two historical towns of Moscow Oblast.
  3. Lipkin now lives in Bronnitsy, Dinamo Moscow club.
  4. It sounds as if you will be in Bronnitsy perhaps later in 2010.
  5. 1614-Swedish army under Jacob De La Gardie defeats Russian forces at Bronnitsy.
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  7. Existence of Bronnitsy is attested since 1453.
  8. Murat missed Kutuzov's turn and did not discover the deception until he reached Bronnitsy.
  9. Human losses of Bronnitsy during the terror campaigns of the 1930s have been only partially estimated.
  10. The town slowly grew until World War I . By 1914, Bronnitsy hospital acquired an instrument flying technologies.
  11. The largest employer in Bronnitsy, a jewellery factory, dates back to a cooperative established in November 1924.
  12. Bronnitsy has four high schools ( one catering to the working youth ) and a road workers'college.
  13. Microhistory of Bronnitsy of the period, despite substantial surviving archives, has not been properly collated and published yet.
  14. In the 1850s and 1860s, Bronnitsy became home to notable members of the declining Russian nobility . exile to Siberia.
  15. The House of Romanov stables, established in Bronnitsy by 1634, evolved into stud farms supplying riding horses to the cavalry.
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