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  1. The other was by the British group Bronnt Industries Kapital, and was also performed throughout the UK and Europe in 2007.
  2. Bartell has previously collaborated with Gravenhurst s Nick Talbot on tracks on the first and third Bronnt Industries Kapital albums ( they also set up Silent Age Records in 2000 ).
  3. The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray by the British Film Institute in 2011 as part of " The Soviet Influence : From Turksib to Night Mail ", with a newly commissioned soundtrack by Guy Bartell of British group Bronnt Industries Kapital.
  4. The first Bronnt Industries Kapital album was described as " gaslight horrortonica ", and featured references to H . P . Lovecraft and the use of automated Victorian instruments such as Lepping s Patented Lapwing Harmonium and the Bronson Quartet . " Hard for Justice " found Bronnt expanding its sound palette, with the use of live instrumentation and elements of Kosmische musik, Italo disco, post-punk and shoegazing.
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