1. Maritime administration spokesman Lars Goran Bronow declined to confirm the figure.
  2. Swedish maritime administration spokesman Lars-Goeran Bronow told TT.
  3. Swedish maritime administration spokesman Lars-Goran Bronow told TT.
  4. Bronow said that salvaging the entire, 515-foot wreck was " technically possible ."
  5. Swedish maritime administration spokesman Lars-Goran Bronow told the news agency TT . " It happened when the ship turned upside down ."
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  7. They will work their way into the bridge, where authorities hope to retreive navigational computers and other records that might provide clues about what happened, Bronow said.
  8. Bronow said he's a big baseball fan and would like to see the Los Angeles Dodgers play the division-leading Arizona Diamondbacks at Dodger Stadium this weekend.
  9. "I think it's an opportunity to go to the theater and temporarily escape into another frame of mind, " said David Bronow, 45, of Woodland Hills, who was buying tickets Friday at the Ahmanson Theatre downtown.
  10. "We want a dialogue with Congress because managed care is killing patients, " said Dr . Ronald Bronow, a rally organizer . " We'll keep on doing this, they'll keep on hearing from us.


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