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  1. Late Chevalier Bruno Fernandes, MBE & Knight of St Silvester, lived in Marna Siolim.
  2. As Founder and Head instructor of the Montreal branch of Gracie Barra, Bruno Fernandes has been teaching to many students the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
  3. According to Bruno Fernandes, Alatas was a " sociologist, philosopher, academic and policy analyst " who " worked out a critical and reflexive work from the point of view of the ex-colonized countries ", and while Alatas was and is today well " known in the Malayan intellectual world ( Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines )  and ( by ) a " broad Malayan intellectual ( Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines ) community ", he is " broadly ignored elsewhere & . " The respect for Syed Alatas and his influence is also discussed in " An Intellectual Life " in Asian Analysis by Asean Focus Group and Faculty of Asian Studies at The Australian National University : " The late Edward Wadie Said, for example, whose book " Orientalism " recast post-colonial scholarship, acknowledged his debt to Syed Hussein whose critique of imperialism in his " Myth of the Lazy Native " ( 1977 ) and of colonial historiography in " Thomas Stamford Raffles : Schemer or Reformer " ( 1971 ) were pioneering efforts in Third-Worldist post-colonial responses to Western social sciences.
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