bruno fornaroli造句


  1. Melbourne City captain Bruno Fornaroli was named man of the match.
  2. A brace from Bruno Fornaroli at either side of the break saw Melbourne progress to face Adelaide in the semi-finals.
  3. The signing of Uruguayan striker Bruno Fornaroli was key to the club becoming the most attacking and ( scoring wise ) prolific team in the league.
  4. Melbourne City's all-time highest goalscorer is Bruno Fornaroli with 28, followed by Aaron Mooy ( 24 ) and David Williams ( 21 ).
  5. On 12 May 2012, he made his first-team debut, against Juve Stabia, after coming off the bench to replace Bruno Fornaroli in the 75th minute of the match.
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  7. In the Round of 16, Brisbane drew A-League side Melbourne City FC . In front of 3, 571 people at Perry Park, the Strikers'biggest crowd since their exit from the NSL, two Bruno Fornaroli penalties saw the A-League side progress, despite the Strikers taking the lead through Greig Henslee.


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