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  1. According to John L . Allen, the resulting document was " widely known to carry the imprint of Italian Archbishop Bruno Forte, one of the more noted theological minds in the Italian hierarchy ".
  2. Many philosophers, social scientists and men and women of science and other leading figures have written on this paper, including Massimo Cacciari, Joseph Ratzinger, Bruno Forte, Michele Santoro, Gianni Vattimo, Leszek KoBakowski, Marcel Gauchet, Margherita Hack and Walter Veltroni.
  3. Archbishop Bruno Forte, selected by Pope Francis as the Syndod's special secretary, said before the Synod that "'the doctrine of the church is not up for discussion,'but the synod members will be called upon to find ways to improve the'pastoral application'of church teachings, ways to explain it and to help Catholics live it ."
  4. In a media briefing after the first day, Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois of Paris said those who expected radical changes to Church teaching would be " disappointed . " Italian Archbishop Bruno Forte agreed, saying that it was " about pastoral attention, pastoral care " for families, but added that the " Church cannot remain insensitive to the challenges . . . the synod doesn't meet for nothing . " A total of 72 participants spoke in the first two days.
  5. In a story concerning the draft's " conciliatory language " on controversial social issues, Voris, whom NPR described as representative of " many reporters . . . stunned by the welcoming tone and language " towards homosexuals, was quoted as asking with regard to paragraph 52, which claimed homosexuals have " gifts and qualities " to offer to the Church : " Is the Synod proposing that there is something innate in the homosexual orientation that transcends and uplifts the Catholic Church ? " Cardinal Bruno Forte, who himself had included the controversial paragraph in the Midterm Relatio, smiled and replied, " It is not easy to answer such an ontological question.
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