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  1. In those shows he has presided over everything from building implosions to musical acts.
  2. Over was demolished, making it the third largest building implosion in U . S . history.
  3. In contrast, building implosion techniques do not rely on the difference between internal and external pressure to collapse a structure.
  4. The term " building implosion " can be misleading to laymen : the technique is not a true implosion phenomenon.
  5. Building implosions or  wrecking-ball style demolitions are relatively inexpensive and offer a quick method of clearing sites for new structures.
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  7. The demolition had been planned for some time, and the ACT Government decided to turn the building implosion into a spectator event.
  8. Second, do allow set-up time _ pressing down a roof-top gumdrop caused a collapse reminiscent of the Rike's building implosion, and there's nothing to do but rebuild.
  9. With any residual concerns about the performance of poor soils during building implosions removed, it will be much easier for other building owners to obtain consent from CERA.
  10. Loriot gives some deadpan comments on a filmed building implosion, mentioning the " shy rodent " to be at lunch in its natural habitat ( before the implosion ).
  11. Building implosion has been successfully used at Department of Energy sites such as the Savannah River Site ( SRS ) in South Carolina and the Hanford Site in Washington.
  12. Building implosion ( which reduces to seconds a process which could take months or years to achieve by other methods ) typically occurs in urban areas and often involves large landmark structures.
  13. One of the earliest documented attempts at building implosion was the 1773 razing of Holy Trinity Cathedral in Waterford, Ireland with 150 pounds of gunpowder, a huge amount of explosives at the time.
  14. Benefiting from the availability of dynamite, a high-velocity explosive based on a stabilized form of nitroglycerine, and borrowing from techniques used in rock-blasting, such as staggered detonation of several small charges, building demolition edged toward efficient building implosion.
  15. Candace, back at the mall ( having not further attempted to bust her brothers since the building implosion from earlier ), is downtrodden until her crush, Jeremy, assures her to not let the boys'fun ruin her good time and that if she got the chance to sing, she ought to, so she joins with the band singing their hit song in a reunion concert.


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