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  1. So, a bomb exploded at a burst altitude around will expand to about.
  2. Careful selection of the burst altitudes and locations can produce an extremely effective radar-blanking effect.
  3. However, even at these burst altitudes, fallout may be formed by a number of mechanisms.
  4. During Operation Fishbowl, EMP disruptions were suffered aboard a KC-135 photographic aircraft flying from the detonations at burst altitudes.
  5. If the effect occurs at ground zero the ground range can be derived from slant range and burst altitude ( Pythagorean theorem ).
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  7. With surface and near-surface air bursts, the amount of debris lofted into the air decreases rapidly with increasing burst altitude.
  8. At burst altitudes of approximately 7 meters / kiloton ^ 0.33, a crater is not formed, and correspondingly lower amounts of dust and debris are produced.
  9. Provided that the weapon was not used in a thunderstorm, no fallout effects would occur from the use of a neutron bomb, according to that manual, as the combination of 500-meter burst altitude and low yield prevents fallout in addition to significant thermal and blast effects.
  10. The explosion was an air burst of 160 m ( 524 ft ) above the ground ( 7 m ( 24 ft ) above its designated burst altitude ), 26 m ( 87 ft ) west and 41 m ( 136 ft ) south of its target ( slightly uprange ).


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