burst at the seams造句

"burst at the seams"是什么意思   


  1. I have eaten so much i am bursting at the seams .
  2. I am bursting at the seams to tell everyone we re eloping
  3. I am bursting at the seams to tell everyone we ` re eloping
  4. Prisons are bursting at the seams : california ' s are at 191 % of their official capacity
    各大监狱也正人满为患:加利福尼亚州的监狱目前已是正常容纳能力的1 . 91倍。
  5. “ we are bursting at the seams . you can see the fatigue on the bankers ' faces , ” the head of investment banking at a leading wall street bank said
    一家主要华尔街银行的投行业务主管表示: “我们在超负荷运转。银行职员们满面倦容。 ”
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  7. The angels have continually enraged fans by failing to make a midseason trade that would return them to the world series ? yet their ballpark is still bursting at the seams
    由于没有进行赛季中的那庄可以改变世界格局的交易,洛杉矶队激怒了他们的球迷- - - -他们的棒球场经常发生流血冲突。
  8. With essien ' s arrival , chelsea have a squad bursting at the seams with international experience and proven quality , and for this summer at least it appears as though abramovich ' s chequebook may be closed shut
    “对于埃辛的到来,切尔西就拥有了一支由国际经验的和以证明了自己实力的队伍,至少这个夏天阿布的支票本可以暂时收起来了。 ”
  9. I guarantee you ; there isn t a parent whose shirt wouldn t be bursting at the seam if their son or daughter was on the olympic team . it doesn t matter whether they got a gold , silver , bronze or no medal at all k they made the team . they took the steps and they succeeded


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