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  1. application of ofdm for meteor burst communications
  2. improved signal detecting algorithm for burst communication
  3. in this thesis, firstly, we put forward a new algorithm of the synchronization of carrier reference phase, that is to use the curve synthesizing with the general digital carrier phase looper to have an estimation on carrier frequency within 10 ms so as to meet the need of meteor burst communication . we have done some simulations to get the performance of carrier frequency estimation using two modulation modes ( 16qam and 4-qpsk ), and had some test on the carrier phase looper in conditions when using different baud rate transmission and when the baud tuning have windage
  4. this is by two reasons : the first, as the development of military communication technologies, it transit from digital to software implementation, intelligence, broad band implementation and network implementation . many new technologies such as adaptive frequency hopping, burst communication, broadband modulation and complex coding accelerate the research about pertinence algorithms of signal sense and signal processing . the second, three hotspots of modern signal processing-spectrum estimation, high-order statistics ( hos ) and time-frequency analysis theory become more and more consummately and being used in communication jamming and anti-jamming field
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