1. Due to the unpredictable fluctuations and bushiness of traffic flows within networks , congestion may occur frequently
  2. In fact , he should be wholly objective in assessing the needs of the bushiness and the requiem mending skills for balancing board talents , and avoid any material relation with the corporate or senior managers which may affect his conclusion
  3. Second chapter analysis the scientific misconduct reason . firstly , it lack science spirit . science spirit is basic moral norm that scientist set up and agreement norm for science study . because of many kinds reasons , the science spirit in the our country ca n ' t develop well , make the growth of science spirit in our country exist serious drawback , cause scholarship atmosphere not well . secondly , the scholarship judge rules have serious drawback . the manage way of quantity not used well for the scholarship management . the quality of the spirit product ca n ' t definition or measure by their quantity . the present scholarship of encourage system exist utility phenomenon , but impatient of scholarship management is the sources that produce large quantity plagiarize . the scholarship periodical uses the manuscript period over long , cause one manuscript give to some periodical . third reason is lacks of supervise , control and make track for the system of punish . the fourth is an administration management to act for the scholarship manages administration right dominate scholarship bushiness , cause official " look for rent " behavior
  4. It's difficult to find bushiness in a sentence. 用bushiness造句挺难的


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