buy growth造句

"buy growth"是什么意思   


  1. I buy growth and cash flow at a reasonable price.
  2. Both accept that higher inflation cannot buy growth or jobs.
  3. I like to buy growth, not just assets in the ground,
  4. My son says I should not buy growth stocks, but I disagree.
  5. The other way to grow is to buy growth,
  6. It's difficult to find buy growth in a sentence. 用buy growth造句挺难的
  7. We can buy growth stocks, or value stocks.
  8. Daftary, 44, tries to buy growth stocks that are reasonably valued.
  9. There is one constant : he aims to buy growth at a reasonable price.
  10. She didn't buy growth stocks.
  11. The most popular funds with investors lately have been those that buy growth stocks, particularly technology companies.
  12. _Buy growth stocks _ companies whose sales and earnings are increasing at a rate faster than its industry.
  13. A . I certainly don't subscribe to the idea that nobody of your age should buy growth securities.
  14. I recently met with a financial adviser, who said I should liquidate the dividend stocks and buy growth stocks.
  15. "We buy growth stocks when they're depressed, but we're a value manager,"
  16. Researchers suggest that, after periods of higher returns, individual investors will sell their value stocks and buy growth stocks.
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