buy herb造句


  1. This was revolutionary, Pete says, because " you couldn't buy herb teas back then ."
  2. On April 30, CCE announced a letter of intent to buy Herb Coca-Cola in a $ 1.4 billion deal.
  3. HERB-DRUGS _ Consumers who read up on self-care and buy herbs at the health-food store think they're doing a good thing by using gentle natural methods to safeguard their health.
  4. Family members refuse any payment, instead pooling money earned as landlords, farmers and office workers to raise the equivalent of dlrs 1, 100 needed every year to buy herbs that are put into the fish.
  5. Eileen Duncan, a Rensselaer County resident, came to Honest Weight last week to buy Herbs for Kids'$ 7.49 bottle of Echinacea tincture, which is combined with golden root, the company's generic name for the herb Golden Seal.
  6. It's difficult to find buy herb in a sentence. 用buy herb造句挺难的
  7. Hernandez, who also owns a taxi service that specializes in $ 60 day-trips to Nogales, on the Arizona-Mexico border, opened her " yerberia " because she noticed that many of her passengers were crossing into Mexico just to buy herbs.
  8. Before the passage of the amendments to the abortion law, many Mexican women would buy herbs from the market and try dangerous home versions of abortion in order to end their unwanted pregnancies Women also resorted to buying prescription drugs, obtained from pharmacists without a doctor s signature, that would induce an abortion.


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