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  1. Both stories inspired by the Priestley quote were included in the 1975 collection " Buy Jupiter and Other Stories ".
  2. "Buy Jupiter and Other Stories " ( Doubleday, 1975 ) collects 24 of Asimov's stories, first published between 1950 and 1973.
  3. It was written for no payment as a favor to the journal, and later appeared in the 1975 collection " Buy Jupiter and Other Stories ."
  4. "This space is not as big as we thought when everyone had to buy Jupiter research because the Internet was a crazy, unbelievable new thing, " he said.
  5. NetRatings originally was going to buy e-Ratings in October, when it was going to buy Jupiter, so it could combine the international operations; the price had been set at $ 16 million.
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  7. In Asimov's introduction to the story in " Buy Jupiter and Other Stories ", he notes that when the story first appeared in " Analog, " the pre-story blurb by editor John W . Campbell spoiled the story by telegraphing the ending.
  8. In Isaac Asimov's 1958 short story " Buy Jupiter ", a group of extraterrestrials broker a deal with the governments of Earth to purchase the planet Jupiter so that they could use it as an advertisement platform to the starships from their worlds that passed by the planet.
  9. ""'The Pause " "'is a science fiction short story by Isaac Asimov . It was first published in August Derleth's 1954 anthology " Time to Come " and reprinted in the 1975 collection " Buy Jupiter and Other Stories ".
  10. "Buy Jupiter and Other Stories ", a collection of stories by Isaac Asimov, contains a tale whose title is " Shah Guido G . " In his background notes, Asimov defines the tale as a shaggy dog story, and explains that the title is a play on " shaggy dog ".
  11. ""'A Statue for Father "'" is a humorous science fiction short story by American writer Isaac Asimov . The story first appeared in the February 1959 issue of " Satellite Science Fiction " and was reprinted in the 1975 collection " Buy Jupiter and Other Stories ".
  12. Before writing these books, Asimov also published three anthologies of science fiction stories which contained autobiographical accounts of his life in the introductions to the stories : " The Early Asimov " ( 1972 ), " Before the Golden Age " ( 1974 ), and " Buy Jupiter and Other Stories " ( 1975 ).
  13. ""'2430 A . D . " "'is a science fiction short story by the American writer Isaac Asimov . It first appeared in the October 1970 issue of " Think ", the IBM house magazine, and was reprinted in Asimov's 1975 collection " Buy Jupiter and Other Stories ".
  14. In the summary of " Buy Jupiter and other stories ", Asimov claims he frequently used this story to show how poor he was at predicting the future : Everest was successfully climbed in May 1953, and the story ( although written in April 1953 ) did not appear in print until December of that year, meaning Asimov predicted Everest would never be conquered 8 months after it was.


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