buy local造句


  1. -- Buy local produce whenever possible from a known source.
  2. Today ( Aug . 2 ) Buy local peaches at market.
  3. As with other products, it is time to buy local,
  4. The remainder will be used to buy local autoparts makers.
  5. Getting rich and famous to buy local, NEW STRAITS TIMES-MANAGEMENT
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  7. Dr Mahathir congratulated the MCA for its campaign to buy local products.
  8. Foreign financial institutions have been allowed to directly buy local shares since 1991.
  9. Currently, it only has to buy local rights.
  10. Because the government wants me to buy local wheat.
  11. _1848 : Father buys local bank in Aix.
  12. State companies told to buy local corn, JAKARTA POST
  13. We have a commitment to buy local corn, but we have limited consumption.
  14. _Permitting the government to buy local instead of foreign produce with oil money.
  15. "I always buy local salt whenever I travel, " she said.
  16. "We might opportunistically buy local time at Fox, " she said.
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