buy love造句


  1. With ethical commodification, we can buy love and virtue and meaning.
  2. It comes down to this : Money buys love.
  3. People today act as though money can buy love.
  4. "Money can't buy service and can't buy love.
  5. In the 90s, money does buy love.
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  7. Besides, money can always buy love.
  8. They say money can't buy love, but it can buy a bride.
  9. Despite what the Beatles once sang, you CAN buy love at the Mall of America.
  10. Money can't buy love, but it is what makes the world go round.
  11. Q : I am trying to buy Love's Rain, Jasmine and Lemon Scents.
  12. Money may not buy love, but it does make it easier to meet interesting new people.
  13. "When a compulsive spender buys gifts, he's trying to buy love and power.
  14. We go overboard instead, because to some people, Christmas gifts are a way to buy love.
  15. But I've always doubted that money could buy love, or the presidency, either ."
  16. O'Neal shot back that he isn't the one who needs to " buy love ."
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