buy me造句


  1. All it means is my monthly investment now buys me more.
  2. But nothing that shouted, " Buy me !"
  3. How many years will not eating ice cream actually buy me?
  4. "Money can't buy me love,"
  5. Beatles, " Can't Buy Me Love"
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  7. You don't have to buy me popcorn ."
  8. You got the money to buy me dinner now, buddy,
  9. The one who can buy me off is not born yet,
  10. I win, they'd buy me a pair of sneakers.
  11. I do not want anyone to buy me Christmas presents this year.
  12. Mommy, are you going to buy me some diapers or not?
  13. My sons are threatening to buy me a new VCR for Christmas.
  14. "Can't Buy Me Love,"
  15. All the money in the world would not buy me that satisfaction.
  16. Aspiring bride : But he might buy me some stuff.
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