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  1. The sample you require will be sent by courier service immediately
  2. If you wish , you may send your application by courier to the addresses given above
  3. For delivery of photocopies by courier , prior payment by a crossed cheque is required
  4. You can apply in a number of ways , for example by post , by courier , in person and online
  5. Please return the other ones to us by courier , and we ' ll pay for the shipping costs
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  7. You can choose to receive the standards ordered by courier . however , you need to pay for the additional courier fee
  8. Documents to be sent directly to us in one lot by courier , at citibank n . a . cooperate and investment bank , 4th floor port house
  9. The seller shall , within 24 hours after shipment effected , send by courier each copy of the above - mentioned documents no . ( 1 ) to ( 6 )
    卖方应在交运后24小时内以特快专递方式邮寄给买方上述第( 1 ) - ( 6 )项单据副本一式一套。
  10. In addition , the sellers shall , within hours after shipment effected , send each copy of the aboe ? mentioned documents no . , , , , , , , directly to the buyers by courier serice
  11. He wrote in the name of king ahasuerus , and sealed it with the king ' s signet ring , and sent letters by couriers on horses , riding on steeds sired by the royal stud
    斯8 : 10末底改奉亚哈随鲁王的名写谕旨、用王的戒指盖印、交给骑御马圈快马的驿卒传到各处。
  12. The seller will send documents for each consignment to the buyer by courier originating from the sellers offices within 21 ( twenty one ) banking days from the bill of lading date
  13. Six copies of invoices to be sent with orginal set of documents to us by courier service and one copy of invoices with duplicate by subsequent air mail
    包括哪些东西啊? 6份发票副本和原始单据通过快递寄给开证行,后面的发票一式两份是寄给谁啊?银行还是开证申请人
  14. 5 one complete set of non - negotiable documents to be sent by courier to importer and beneficiary ' s certificate to this effect must accompany the original and duplicate documents
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