by force and arms造句

"by force and arms"是什么意思   


  1. Te Whiti was described in court as " a wicked, malicious, seditious and evil-disposed person " who had sought " to prevent by force and arms the execution of the laws of the realm ".
  2. The case was significant because in common law at that time, larceny required a trespass by force and arms ( " vi et armis " ) or against the peace, which did not occur if the person was willingly handed the bulk or bales of items.
  3. {{ quote | We trust that, as long as you are on earth, you will compel and with all zeal cause the barbarian nations to come to the knowledge of God, the maker and founder of all things, not only by edicts and admonitions, but also by force and arms, if needful, in order that their souls may partake of the heavenly kingdom.
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