by-product pricing造句

"by-product pricing"是什么意思   


  1. Where such enterprises as whose projects are listed by the municipal committee and government as the key newly - started projects of the year , and with capital for actual foreign investment more than 5 million us dollars , the enterprises in question shall be granted as a support the same sum as such fees for urban infrastructure support , noise and sewerage , construction of the relocation of the people ' s air defense facilities , land and water facilities compensation , by - product price adjustment fund , bulk cement special fund as are collected within the authorities of the city government ; enjoy half reduction on the engineering quality supervision charge ; and the charges on land evaluation , construction project transaction service , planning techniques service , house - measuring and drawing shall be collected per 50 % of the lower limit of charge collection standards
    第四条:凡被市委、市政府列为年度新上重点项目且外资实际投入资金500万美元以上的企业,给予本市权限内收取的城市基础设施配套费、噪声排污费、人防设施易地建设费、水土设施补偿费、副食品价格调节基金、散装水泥专项基金等额资金扶持;减半收取工程质量监督费;对土地评估费、建设工程交易服务费、规划技术服务费、房屋测绘费按收费标准下限的50 %收取。
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