1. There are two types of activation for marshal - by - reference objects
  2. Marshal - by - reference objects are remotable objects that extend at least
    引用封送( mbr )对象是至少扩展
  3. Marshal - by - reference objects mbrs do not reside in memory forever
    通过引用封送的对象( mbr )从不驻留在内存中。
  4. Marshal - by - reference objects
  5. Marshal - by - reference class
  6. It's difficult to find by-reference in a sentence. 用by-reference造句挺难的
  7. You can do this for any published marshal - by - reference type using any channel
  8. The c language uses both pass - by - value and pass - by - reference argument passing mechanisms
    C + +语言同时使用按值传递和按引用传递的参数传递机制:
  9. Marshal - by - reference objects , for which a proxy is created and used by the client to access the object remotely
  10. When invoking service components synchronously within a module using the reference , the data is passed by - reference
  11. Some of the cls features that jscript 7 . 0 programs use are namespaces , attributes , by - reference parameters , and native arrays
    Jscript 7 . 0程序使用的一些cls功能包括命名空间、属性、引用参数和本机数组。
  12. Note that the lease itself is a marshal - by - reference object , so when you obtain a lease for a remote object , you get a proxy to the lease
    请注意,租约本身是引用封送( mbr )对象,因此获取远程对象的租约时将获取该租约的代理。
  13. Use this remap capability to get back by - reference arguments when such arguments are present . when you pass arguments by name , the binder reorders the argument array
  14. If you assume pass - by - reference semantics in a java application , you might write a swap method like the one above , then wonder why it doesn t work
  15. It was written to debunk the commonly held myth that java applications pass parameters by reference , to avoid common programming mistakes that result from relying on pass - by - reference behavior
  16. My intent for including this information in my book was not to split hairs or try to complicate the issue , but to alert programmers to the danger of assuming pass - by - reference semantics in java applications


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