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  1. Caballer's arm was marred with a 5-inch red scar caused by an exploding balloon.
  2. For Belinda Rosa and Hoseas Caballer, New Year's Eve left battle scars, gleaned in four hours of blowing up balloons at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.
  3. "' Francisco Caballer Soteras "'( born October 14, 1932 ) is a former Men's National Team at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, Italy.
  4. In 1966 a contract with the company of Maria Francisca Caballer and Agust韓 Lisbona, to perform in the National Theater of Caracas,  Teatro Nacion醠,  took him to Venezuela for one long season.
  5. The companies are Haga Fireworks Company in Miyagi, Japan; Pyro Spectacular in Johannesburg, South Africa; Pirotecnia Ricarda Caballer in Valencia, Spain; Alonzo Fireworks Display Inc . of New York; and Foti International Fireworks from Sydney.


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