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  1. "Cabin courts " of miniature houses _ or teepees, igloos or pyramids _ sprang up beside the highways leading into hundreds of towns.
  2. The ( usually single-story ) buildings for a roadside motel or cabin court were quick and simple to construct, with plans and instructions readily available in how-to and builder's magazines.
  3. The Big Chief Restaurant in tourist cabin court with 62 rooms ( each constructed as an individual cabin with its own garage ) and an on-site restaurant, dance hall, Conoco filling station, playground and general store.
  4. Many vintage motels, some dating to the cabin court era of the 1930s, have been renovated, restored, and added to the U . S . National Register of Historic Places or to local and state listings.
  5. Some of the land from the John's Modern Cabins site was lost to freeway construction, but the new highway would not provide easy access to the cabin court and would prove fatal to the tiny business.


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