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  1. Fleener briefly attended Cal State Long Beach where she focused on printmaking.
  2. He subsequently got his master's degree in education from Cal State Long Beach.
  3. She graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a degree in Marketing Communications.
  4. Crosby, a shortstop from Cal State Long Beach, was the 25th pick overall.
  5. Conceivably, Northridge, Cal State Long Beach and Pepperdine could all represent their conferences.
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  7. Cal State Long Beach competed in the Big West Conference.
  8. Cal State Long Beach University's graduate music master's program.
  9. Cal State Long Beach professor of marine biology Donald Nelson is testing the Shark POD.
  10. So there went the program, like Cal State Fullerton's and Cal State Long Beach's before it.
  11. Kashiwa later transferred to Cal State Long Beach and received his bachelor's degree in Music in 1985.
  12. Although Lucas attended the University of Southern California, director Steven Spielberg, his close friend, went to Cal State Long Beach.
  13. Under the Pyramid : The Lakers'summer pro-league team opens play Friday night at the Pyramid at Cal State Long Beach.
  14. Ethnohistoric evidence clearly identifies Puvungna with Rancho Los Alamitos, a portion of which became the Cal State Long Beach campus.
  15. Speilberg later returned to Cal State Long Beach and completed his BA degree in Film and Electronic Arts in 2002.
  16. Cal State Long Beach competed in the Dave Currey, and played their home games at Anaheim Stadium in Anaheim, California.
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