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  1. :* Me and User : Michaelbusch ( a graduate at Cal Tech University . . . this info becomes useful below ) have had our debates over Topics in ufology, and I had previously had added Teslascope to the Topics in ufology which was later removed by User : Michaelbusch here . . . the problem is that after the Teslascope link was removed from Topics in ufology, the Teslascope article was deleted very quickly and I didnt even get a change to actually re-write and add citation to the article which someone else had previously written . . . so I re-wrote the article and added good citation ( including a classic 1931 Time magazine citation and a more specific Scientific American citation with the actual page number and what was actually said . . . not what the previous writer of the article seems to have partially made up ) . . . after republishing the Teslascope article it was resubmitted for deletion because it had been deleted in the past, and the deletion request was submitted by User : ( which is a Cal Tech School IP ) and I instantly saw there may be a connection between User : and User : Michaelbusch and I am very saddned because it seems my re-write of the article was just ignored and it was requested for deletion without any reasoning . . . I thought I should report it because it felt " fishy " if you catch my drift on this one ? ( : O )-email 20 : 51, 19 April 2007 ( UTC)
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