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  1. Pat Buchanan and Cal Thomas are still trying to catch their breaths.
  2. Wealthy people were spending less money post-Sept . 11, wrote Cal Thomas recently.
  3. In response, Cal Thomas, a conservative syndicated columnist, called her a " McNut ."
  4. He'd have been run out of Washington with Cal Thomas and Rush Limbaugh cracking the whip.
  5. It is produced by Patrick Haughey and includes regular contributions from American conservative commentator Cal Thomas.
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  7. It is attributed to its author, Cal Thomas.
  8. Yup, I'd trade any number of hot right-hander Cal Thomas cards for just one Molly Ivins.
  9. She would probably be surprised to learn that I have received similar comments about conservative columnist Cal Thomas.
  10. Columnist Cal Thomas _ a former aide to the Rev . Jerry Falwell _ is a good example.
  11. It was cited in a Cal Thomas column last December as an example of the state crushing religious liberties.
  12. Columnist Cal Thomas dismissed the summit as " a stealth way to expand government programs and government's reach ."
  13. That is why we have the conservative views of Cal Thomas as well as the liberal views of Molly Ivins.
  14. If he's lucky, the RPH has been championed by a pundit : Cal Thomas just wrote a paean to Quayle.
  15. A program that leaned as far left as Jesse Jackson's on CNN or Cal Thomas'on CNBC would have been unthinkable.
  16. Cal Thomas said Ashcroft defined Christianity as " a faith in which God sends his son to die for you ."
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