cal wells造句


  1. He is employed by Cal Wells, owner of PPI Motorsports.
  2. It will introduce car owner Cal Wells as its newest representative.
  3. Car owner Cal Wells III is a believer, though.
  4. "Cal Wells, what's he got on the line?
  5. Da Matta's attitude has team co-owner Cal Wells smiling.
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  7. There has been nothing subtle about Cal Wells III's entry into NASCARland.
  8. Both cars are owned by Cal Wells III.
  9. We still are talking to Cal Wells,
  10. I give up .'But Cal Wells and I got together in December ."
  11. Dallenbach also is a candidate to drive for Cal Wells'new Winston Cup team next year.
  12. And Pruett is jumping to the NASCAR Winston Cup Series for new car owner Cal Wells III.
  13. Pruett, 39, who drives for Cal Wells, has the most diverse background of the rookies.
  14. One item that got a lot of attention was a seat developed by Cal Wells'PPI Motorsports team.
  15. Both of his victories have come since he returned, both while driving for Cal Wells'PPI Motorsports.
  16. To Cal Wells, the California-based CART owner who plans to make a move into NASCAR next season.
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