cal young造句


  1. Cal Young suffered a stroke in January 1957.
  2. Cal Young left after that first game and J . A . Church took over the coaching position in the fall for the rest of the season.
  3. Despite the AP's denials, its local AP representative, Cal Young, was also a member of the military tribunal passing judgment on the strikers.
  4. The University of Oregon began playing American football in 1894 and played its first game on March 24, 1894, defeating Albany College 44 3 under head coach Cal Young.
  5. The historic site, located at 950 Cal Young Road, was reduced to 1-3 / 4 acres out of what had since 1918 been a 268-acre site.
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  7. Cal Young became the caretaker for the first few years; when he announced, " I'm getting too old for this museum business ", Mrs . E . E . Foss was named the first curator of the museum.
  8. "The girls at this stage are much more interested in the big picture; they tend to explore areas that don't lend themselves to this much detail, " said Linda Ague, the librarian at the Cal Young Middle School in Eugene, Ore ., who coached Alex King, 13, to the finals last week.


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