1. Cannistraro said of the Ahmad now sought by the United States.
  2. Cannistraro said the intelligence agencies have made strides in recent years.
  3. Cannistraro said Kamel is the leader of the GIA splinter group.
  4. Cannistraro said Canada has become a magnet for terrorist operations.
  5. Cannistraro said the theories of CIA involvement with Kansi have no foundation.
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  7. Cannistraro said that leaves more questions than answers about Qadi.
  8. Cannistraro believes bin Laden himself fled Afghanistan to Pakistan and possibly beyond.
  9. Cannistraro said finding bin Laden remains as important as ever.
  10. -- VINCENT CANNISTRARO, former CIA official, on Carlos the Jackal.
  11. Cannistraro believes the FBI and prosecutors went too far.
  12. Vincent Cannistraro, formerly chief of counterterrorism at the Central Intelligence Agency, said.
  13. Cannistraro said of his years in the Government.
  14. Cannistraro noted that bin Laden's training camps in Afghanistan have included Algerians.
  15. Cannistraro said of the commission's proposal.
  16. Vincent Cannistraro, former CIA chief of counterterrorism, said in a telephone interview.
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