1. Cannito said he also may have been shot in the chest but was protected by a bulletproof vest.
  2. Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies delivered a message to Broadus asking him to contact Cannito, Sgt.
  3. After the shooting, the gunman ran and forced his way into an apartment, said police Lt . Vincent Cannito.
  4. The alleged gunman, identified as Jermaine Fuller, also may have been wounded while grappling with the officer, Cannito said.
  5. Calvin Schaffer, 33, who is affiliated with the Hells Angels, was arrested Saturday on suspicion of murder, Cannito said.
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  7. Cannito told The Associated Press during the standoff at an apartment complex a few miles ( kilometers ) from the Las Vegas Strip.
  8. The hostage escaped by diving out a first-floor window while the gunman was getting a drink of water, Cannito said.
  9. Cannito said Fuller was related to the rapper, whose real name is Calvin Broadus and was previously known professionally as Snoop Doggy Dogg.
  10. After the shooting, Cannito said, the gunman ran to the apartment complex and forced his way inside before midnight, taking an unidentified tenant hostage at gunpoint.
  11. "On the face of it, it seems like a radical procedure, " said Michael Cannito, a prominent researcher on stuttering at the University of Memphis.
  12. The officer was grazed on the side of his head by one of at least two shots fired during a struggle on a street late Monday, said police Lt . Vincent Cannito.
  13. At the Rome Opera House, numerous principal roles in neoclassical and contemporary new works ( by Luciano Cannito, Paul Chalmer, Millicent Hodson, Luca Veggetti and others ) have been made on him.
  14. About 200 people were being interviewed, said Lt . Vince Cannito, of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, which patrols the Colorado River gambling resort 80 miles ( 128 kilometers ) southeast of Las Vegas.
  15. "Blow by blow, stab by stab, and shot by shot, we know exactly what happened in that casino, " said Las Vegas police Lt . Vince Cannito after investigators watched casino surveillance tapes.
  16. ""'Franca Florio, regina di Palermo " "'is a full-length narrative ballet in two acts, with music by Lorenzo Ferrero and scenario, choreography and staging by Luciano Cannito.
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